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Crysis Remastered Coming to Xbox One

Over the past few days, the official Crysis Twitter account has been posting cryptic messages hinting at a possible remaster of the original game. Today even more leaked images and promotional material have hit the internet that all but confirms Crysis Remastered is coming to Xbox One, PS4, PC, and for the first time, Nintendo Switch.

Crysis, originally released in 2007, was developed by Crytek Studios and published by EA. The game was made to showcase the power of the Cryengine 2, and was noted as the benchmark of what advanced PCs at the time could do. The game was only ported to PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2011, 4 years after it’s initial release, and was missing multiplayer components as well as a campaign mission. It’s not known whether these elements will be added back into the game in the remaster, however with all the advances in technology these past years it does seem possible.

Through neither Crytek not EA have came out to officially announce the remaster, Crytek’s own website seems to be updated and it’s cookies page has logos and promotional pieces detailing the game’s announcement and what platforms it will be arriving on.

At the moment, all three Crysis games are playable on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility. Anyone looking to get into the series can do so very easily, and all three games are worth your time.

As more details about the remaster surface we will do our best to cover it here on My Xbox And Me. Expect a review of the game once it hits it’s inevitable release.


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