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Kresh's Top Games Coming To Xbox in 2020

Every year we have a new chance to get hyped, disappointed and shocked by the games that drop. This year is no different, with a heavy set first half there is plenty to look forward to. A top 5 list won’t cover them all but this is what’s at the top of my list.

Cyberpunk 2077

Let’s get this one out of the way. Cyberpunk is probably the biggest game set to launch in 2020. Made by CDProject Red the same studio that knocked it out of the park with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I have high hopes for this game. The game features character customization, player choice, and different game play style. All while having a focus on narrative. From what we have seen of the game there doesn’t seem to be any negatives but only time will tell. With how open ended the games quest and choice system appear to be everyone's play through should be a unique experience. What they did with The Witcher 3’s side quests has me ready to explore this world.


Halo Infinite

The game that is set to launch the Xbox Series X, Halo Infinite. Halo has always been a weird franchise to me. The games usually appeal to me on a story or multiplayer bases and rarely ever both. I want to see what direction 343 take this game. Where will the story go? What changes will they make to the multiplayer. Also seeing how Halo Infinite utilizes the new power from the Series X will give us a feel of what the consoles actually capable of. Then there’s the forge. Seeing what changes they make to it and in turn what people can then make from it. The forge game modes have always been some of the best experiences I have had with Halo.


Bleeding Edge

Ninja Theory’s new game set to launch in march. It is a third person action game with objective focused game play. In a lot of ways it’s a third person Overwatch which I am here for. It features some really clean character design. The fact that it is an action game is also a plus because if there’s one thing Ninja Theory really excels at it is action. They have never missed the mark on that front. I am excited to see how deep the combat goes and how the meta will shape up.


Gears Tactics

Gears of War is one of my favorite franchises so this game piqued my interest off that alone. Then on top of that you throw XCOM game play in the mix and you make something I never knew I needed. The game is set to give us more back story on Kait Diaz’s father. This game will also feature the return of the Locust as the main antagonists. You’ll be able to fully customize loadouts and characters which is on par with these types of games. I can’t wait for all the fun that comes from these types of games: missing point blank shots, perma death, a character who has no business doing good clutching. I am excited to see where this takes the Gears universe, lore, and what it means for the future of the franchise.


Marvel Avengers

Last but certainly not least we have Marvel Avengers. The game is being made by Crystal Dynamics who are best known for the recent Tomb Raider trilogy. The game has had it’s ups and downs since first being shown. It’s set to be a looter game where you take control of Marvel super heroes. Increasing their level, getting better gear, and abilities. Each hero plays differently and will have things to unlock so the basis for replayability is there. There is a lot unknown about the game like what the grind will consist of. We don’t know how deep the systems are or really how the coop will work. All I want from this game is a fun looter I can turn my mind off when I play and I’m hoping it delivers.



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