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MXAM Xbox Games Showcase Predictions

My Xbox And Me (MXAM) Founder MCFixer sat down with Co-Host Kreshnik, along with special guest Ray Apollo and MXAM EIC Xyger for a special podcast this week where they all bring in predictions for the Xbox Games Showcase taking place tomorrow as of writing, July 23rd at 9AM PST/5PM BST. Each host brought five predictions to the table and discussed everything they hope to see during the Xbox Games Showcase. You can listen to the episode on all podcast services to get the discussions on each prediction, but for record keeping purposes, here are the predictions outline during the episode.


1.) PowerStar Golf will make a return in the form of PowerStar Golf 2, the game will release within the first 3 months of the Xbox Series X.

2.) 1 VS 100 will make a return, the game will add in support for Microsoft Rewards in some fashion, where players can earn Microsoft Reward points for participating/winning as a means to get players to keep coming back.

3.) Compulsion Games will reveal their new game, it will not be ready any time soon.

4.) A Dead Rising Reboot will be announced, returning to the mall and will not feature Frank West as the main character.

5.) Scalebound will return, the game will be worked on by Platinum Games with the help of Xbox game Studios.


1.) Killer Instinct makes a return coming to Xbox Series X, the game will either be a brand new game or a remaster of the original.

2.) The Initiative will be at the show and they will show off their new game. The new game will be a new IP, and will not be the rumored Perfect Dark game.

3.) Final Fantasy XIV will be coming to Xbox for the first time. (Originally a brand new Final Fantasy Game will be revealed during the Xbox Showcase)

4.) There will not be a dedicated segment for Xbox Game Pass, IE no sizzle reel, no mention on the service features, the showcase will focus on games. (Games shown off can feature a Game Pass Logo or mention that a game will be coming to Game Pass, it just will not be a dedicated moment.)

5.) We will get the first look at the Suicide Squad game developed by RockSteady.


1.) Halo Infinite will be the first game shown off, afterward Microsoft/Xbox will announce a Halo Spin off title for the future, no release window, no specific genre.

2.) Tales of Arise will get a new trailer, we'll see gameplay for the first time, and a new release window for Summer of 2021. The game will also support Smart Delivery.

3.) Yakuza Remastered will be shown off containing Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 coming to Xbox for the first time, also coming to Game Pass. Yakuza 6 will also be coming to Xbox/Game Pass so all the mainline Yakuza games will be on Xbox in preparation for Yakuza 7.

4.) Xbox will revive Fuzion Frenzy for Xbox Series X in the form of a new game, either a reboot or a third game. Xbox will need a party game for the family and Fuzion Frenzy will be that title.

5.) Everwild will get a gameplay reveal trailer, the game will be an Action Adventure with RPG elements. There will be no date or release window

Ray Apollo

1.) Halo Infinity will be shown off, directly afterward there will be an announcement for a Halo Infinity Multiplayer Beta to give fans a chance to test out the multiplayer.

2.) Halo will get a Battle Royale mode, the game will exist in a way similar to Call of Duty Warzone in that it'll be in Halo Infinite but also exist as a free to play standalone. The mode will not be ready for launch but will be announced to give players something to look forward to.

3.) Fable will make a return, it'll be a reboot and it will release in the fall of 2021.

4.) An Exclusive Star Wars game will be announced. No release window

5.) Xbox Live Gold will be going away and merging into Xbox Game Pass.


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