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Rainbow Six Extraction Preview - My Xbox And Me #337

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2022 has arrived and the first show back is so good it caused MC Fixer’s computer to explode leaving us with no video and an abrupt end…

Sorry about that!

In better news Fix got the chance to play Rainbow 6 Extraction (formally known as Rainbow 6 Quarantine, and possibly known as Rainbow 6 Extinction) EARLY! The topic of the show covers his early impressions as well as our thoughts on the news that it will be launching Xbox Game Pass.

In other news we chat about 343 losing their lead maritime designer, Ken Levine’s troubled in development game and we go down the rabbit hole once again on NFT gaming!

Huge shoutouts to Topliff, MrMitchGeorge and OriginCookieMan for the great questions this week and of course to our Patreon Producers Eringard and Fnh Paul! And once again sorry for the technical difficulties.

Remember ifs you want us to answer your questions on the show you can tweet @MyXboxAndMe, use the #MXAM or head into the MCFixer discord


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