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**DISCLAIMER: Xbox Series X provided by Xbox and Xbox UK**

MC Fixer, My Xbox and Me founder, received an Xbox Series X for review purposes. In this video review which can be viewed below, MC Fixer goes over everything you'd need to know in regards to the Xbox Series X and whether it is worth the $500 investment.

"On the top level, the Xbox Series X is a beast and you're about to find out why."

The video is broken down into categories to a better opinion on the various concepts in regards to reviewing a console, starting off with Design. The design of the console is simplistic in nature, or as MC Fixer describes in the video "When standing up tall it looks powerful, profession, sleek, clean." Everything in regards to how the console is design emphasis the power the console has.

In terms of sound and heat, MCFixer states, "It is absolutely whisper quiet." when running just about any game. There is concern that dust particles may easily find their way into the venting system located on the very top of the console, but there is currently no way to test whether this will have an affect on the console as th consoles are newly released.The fact the fan of the console is as large as it is, and sitting directly on top of the console makes it all the more impressive that the console remains as silent as it does. In regards to heat, there has been no heat emitted from the console, and when comparing it to the Xbox One X, MC Fixer feels like its night and day,

The controller, in MC Fixer's opinion, has many quality of life improvements that go unnoticed. The general gaming audience would be quick to point out the similarities between this new controller and the previous Xbox One controller but as MC Fixer points out, the improvement in the DPad alone is a game changer. MC Fixer also points out the slight reduction in size and additions to grips on the back of the controller makes it feel more natural to hold

"The Xbox Series X is the most powerful console on paper." MC Fixer goes over all the different stats that the Xbox Series X has, however stats on paper are different from actual experiences. MC Fixer praises the performance of the Series X in regards to load times. The video has a comparison between the XBox Series X and Xbox One X running Resident Evil 2 and how drastically different the experiences are.

"The most next gen feature on the Xbox Series X is quick resume." Quick resume is a feature that allows users to leave a game and return to it at any point and be able to immediately drop back into the game at the exact moment they left. Not only can the Series X pause a game at any point for quick resume, but it can do that across multiple games, allowing users to hop between multiple games at any point and not loose any progress whatsoever in any of the games.

In terms of performance, MC Fixer goes over a wide array of different games from multiple different genres and graphic fidelity in order to test how the Series X will handle the games. AT no point in MC Fixer's experience did the Series X struggle to run any of the games on high graphical settings. "These games look better, run better, and feel better on the Xbox Series X". Although MC Fixer does express that there is no title currently on the Xbox Series X that feels like a absolute must play.

For all of MC Fixer's full opinions, please watch the video review found on top of the page. For more on Xbox Series X, please continue checking out My Xbox And Me, The My Xbox And Me Podcast and youtube channel.


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