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Apple Arcade and Apple TV brings Xbox Adaptive Controller Support

During Apple's WWDC 2020 Event (World Wide Developer Conference 2020), it was revealed that support for both the Xbox Adaptive Controller as well as the Elite Series 2 controller will be coming to Apple Arcade as well as Apple TV platforms in the next big update.

The event centered around bringing the latest news of Apple Products to the masses, but to the developers of games that are features in Apple Arcade, they now have the ability to utilized these two new controllers. Apple Arcade is Apple's subscription based game platform, where users can pay a fee every month to get access to premium games such as A Fold Apart, Sayonara Wold Hearts, Oceanhorn 2, What the Golf, and so much more.

Apple Arcade already supports standard Xbox One and PS4 controllers, but with the upcoming update, players can instead opt to use either the Elite Series 2 controller or more importantly the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

This opens up the Apple Arcade subscription service to a wider audience. With accessibility being a huge priority for Microsoft, they've been doing what they can to allow the Adaptive controller to be used on PC platforms, as well as other consoles such as the PlayStation 4 via adaptors. Android platforms have supported the controller as well, and now Apple is adding support.

Developers will be given tools so they can better utilize the controller for their games, and this will hopefully allow a wider audience of gamers a chance to play some great games on a new platform. The support also extends to Apple TV, meaning people can use the adaptive controller to navigate various media platforms as well. Giving accessibility to all kinds of people is always a great thing, and we at My Xbox And Me hope the Adaptive controller continues to get support and give players a chance have the same amazing experiences as others.


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