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BattleToads finally releases on August 20th.

Battletoads finally makes its way to an official release on August 20th 2020. It's been 26 years since the release of the last entry in the Battletoad franchise, but now Zitz, Rash, and Pimple are back and better than ever. Originally revealed during the Microsoft showcase during E3 2018, with game demos throughout the years since, the Battletoads are finally ready to make a full comeback.

The game is a mix between classic Beat 'em Up, Platforming, and Staged Racing gameplay as players take on the role of the various toad trio. The original Battletoads was known for it's tenacity and for requiring players to be able to react quickly to things coming on screen in order to beat, being an extremely hard game. This new reimagining of the Battletoads aims to give players more control of everything while still staying true to what originally made Battletoads so great and keeping with it's chaotic on screen design.

This new Battletoad features completely hand drawn animation from everything from the toads, to the enemies, to the backgrounds and various interactions. The game will also feature couch co-op which allows players to drop in and out at will. The game's humor and style is set and true to it's 90's design, completely with some self-awareness.

The new trailer released today, (which can be seen above) confirms that the game will release on August 20th 2020, on Xbox One, Windows PC, and Steam. The game will also be included in Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC (beta). For more on the Battletoads, be sure to check back on My Xbox And Me.


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