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Call of Duty Warzone Announced

Today Activision revealed Call of Duty Warzone, the newly expanded upon Battle Royale mode that has been teased, rumored, and hinted at over the last few weeks. Call of Duty Warzone is set to launch on March 10th, aka tomorrow as of writing.

Owners of Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be able to download the game starting at 8AM PT as they’ll have early access to the gamemode. Warzone will be a 22GB update players can download, and will replace the previously teased “Classified” menu option that players have speculating on since the latest update to the game.

For players who do not own Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Warzone will still be available as the game is Free-For-All. Non Modern Warfare owners can begin to download the game starting at 12PM PT, four hours after those who do own Modern Warfare. The game will be 101GB, meaning it’ll be a much bigger download.

Call of Duty Warzone will have Cross Play among consoles similar to Modern Warfare, along with that it’ll also feature cross progression for Modern Warfare. All level, items, and gear earned throughout Modern Warfare’s season pass can be used in Warzone, and all items earned in Warzone can be used in Modern Warfare. EXP is shared between games, so playing one will earn progress in the other. For players who do not own Modern Warfare, everything earned in Warzone will transfer over at a later point should they choose to buy Modern Warfare afterward.

Warzone will feature 150 Players in one big open world, along with two separate game modes. The first mode is Battle Royale, the tradition BR experience players have come to know, however with Call of Duty flair and special features. One such feature is the Gulog, upon a players first death in the game, they’ll be taken to the Gulog. Once there, players wait and watch as other eliminated players face off in 1v1 matches to the death. Should a player win this 1v1 match, they can get redeployed and get back into BR. If a player loses, they have to wait to see if teammates can earn or buy a redeployment token that can be spent to redeploy them. This feature gives players a second chance at life should they be able to win in a 1v1, however the Gulog is only accessible only after a players first death. Any death afterwards will leave the player in limbo until they can be revived by teammates or until the match is over.

The second Mode is Plunder, a similar game type to Battle Royale with a focus on earning and spending in game cash to purchase weapons, tokens, and other various items to help survival. Unlike BR, the new Gulog mechanic is not in place, meaning death has more of an impact. Players can still buy or earn Redeployment tokens for their teammates or themselves, however there is no free second chance, making the game much more tense as dying takes any advantage a player has and gives it to someone else.

Both modes will feature a new mechanic called Contracts. Contracts are objective based missions that can be found throughout the map, each with various tasks to complete. Squads can only activate one contract at a time, however the rewards for contracts are in game cash, gear, or items that can be used throughout the session. Contracts can range from asking players to search through multiple loot boxes, or capture and control a certain area of the map. Contracts give players an objective during all the chaos that is BR and offers rewards to help survive.

More information on Warzone can be found in a blogpost on Activision Website, but the key information provided here should give you an idea of what to expect within Warzone. The game will launch tomorrow at 8AM for Modern Warfare Players and 12AM to the general public. Keep the download size in mind for either scenario, and for more updates check back on My Xbox And Me.


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