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Control Ultimate Edition gets delayed

Remedy Entertainment announced this early morning that their upcoming release of Control Ultimate Edition will be delayed to an unspecified time in early 2021. The news comes from us via an official announcement on their twitter around 2AM PT, the tweet can be viewed below.

Control Ultimate Edition is a re-release of the original Control, bundles with all previous DLC, remastered textures, and performance updates. The game released earlier this year, on September 10th, for the retail price of $39.99/£34.99 on Xbox One and PS4. Control Ultimate Edition will include a free upgrade to next generations consoles as well, so owners of the game on Xbox One will be able to get the enhanced next generation version at no extra cost.

Originally the upgraded version was meant to release this holiday season, although there was no confirmed date. It now appears that there will be no release in 2020, as the game is now set to release early 2021. We, again, have no specific release date or idea of what month we can expect to see the game, however we know not to expect it anytime this holiday.

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