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Crysis Remastered Delayed by a few weeks

This morning Crytek announced that the upcoming release for Crysis Remastered would be delayed.

The news comes after a leaked trailer yesterday, which showcases gameplay of the remaster along with a release date of July 23rd. The trailer itself was originally set to release today, July 1st. However early criticism of the trailer and complaints of performance has made Crytek re-evaluate their decision on the game.

The following statement was posted on all channels.

While it’s disappointing the game will be delayed, it is important for a game to receive as much polish as it can before it can release. The leaked trailer left many fans concerned about the quality of the remastered, so the extra time is highly appreciated.

According to the Microsoft listing on their Xbox store page, Crysis remastered is set to take up 7.01GB of memory and support HDR and 4K visuals on Xbox. No new release date has been confirmed.

As previously reported, the Crysis remastered does not include the original Multiplayer found in the PC version of the original game. No word on if the original PC exclusive campaign mission “Ascension” will be included in the remaster.


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