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Dying Light 2 Delayed

The year of delays continues, after numerous game delays were announced within the last week, another game just announced it’s delay earlier today. Game developer, Techland just announced via twitter their upcoming game, Dying Light 2, will be delayed from their original Spring 2020 delay to an undetermined time in the future.

Dying Light 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Dying Light, a first person action game with minor RPG elements. The game is best known for it’s parkour traversing system, which gives players a lot of freedom to explore the game’s open world. Along with that, is the game’s signature day and night mechanic when it comes to zombies, as during the day the zombies are slower and weaker, but at night zombies are faster and far more dangerous. The success of the first game had fans excited for a sequel, when Dying Light 2 was revealed during E3 2018, the initial spring 2020 time frame gave fans more of a reason to be excited for the series. Within the last few months fan got a first real look at the game with their E3 2019 Gameplay Demo, which looked promising for the most part, which makes the delay a bit of a surprise.

Unlike the delays of the previous week, this delay hits a little harder, because Techland did not announce a new time frame. The game is delayed indefinitely, fans of the original now have no idea when we could expect to see the next Dying Light. In Techland’s statement (which can be read below), they state we will get more information within the next coming months, which would hint the game is delayed until the fall at the very least, but will most likely result into a delay into 2021.

We at My Xbox and Me look forward to it’s eventually release on Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 4 and PC in the most likely distant future.


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