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EA Play comes to Xbox Game Pass this holiday

Xbox Game Pass, the best deal in gaming, just got even better. This morning, Microsoft and Xbox announced via all public channels that the service will be getting a brand new addition this holiday season in the form of EA Play. Formerly known as EA Access, EA Play is EA's subscription based service that allows users the ability to play numerous EA titles for a small fee each month. Additionally, EA Play members can get a 10 hour preview period for all upcoming EA titles before they launch, as well as access to the full game once they launch.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will be granted access to EA Play this holiday season across all platforms, including PC platforms and xCloud supported devices. EA Play currently gives users access to over 60 EA published titles, with more titles to arrive as they release in the upcoming console generation. EA Play also gives users exclusive in-game challenges, rewards, DLC content, and even discount on all EA titles should users decided to purchase the titles to own. All of which will now be included in Xbox Game Pass for no additional cost.

There is no specific date announced for when users of Xbox Game Pass can start using EA Play services, however the holiday window gives us the impression it will be around the time of the launch for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. For more on Xbox Game Pass, be sure to check back in at My Xbox And Me.


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