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First Look At Xbox Series X Gameplay

Announced earlier today, Microsoft has announced the first digital event showcase the power of Xbox Series X to be Thursday May 7th, a week from today. The premiere will take place during an Inside Xbox Event scheduled for 8AM PT/ 11AM ET.

This will be the first time consumers will get to see games running on the power of Xbox Series X. Since it’s initial reveal at 2019’s Game Awards, Microsoft has been keen to talk about just how powerful the console is, with the specs reveal earlier on the year it’s safe to assume the console’s power will our preform everything else on the market, minus customs PCs. But it was all numbers and big talk, now we as consumers will get to see what can actually be done.

No word from Microsoft on what games we can expect to see make an appearance during the showcase, however Ubisoft announced that the newly reveal Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla will make it’s first gameplay appearance during the event.

For the coverage of the Xbox Series X Gameplay Reveal and more, check back to My Xbox And Me.


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