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Games with Gold Revealed for February 2020

Microsoft have officially revealed the set of games coming to the Games with Gold program for February 2020. Xbox Live Gold members can look forward to TT Isle of Man and Fable Heroes on the 1st of the month, and Call of Cthulhu and the original Star War Battlefront starting on the 16th.

TT Isle of Man will have players racing high-speed motorcycles through the legendary Snaefell mountain. A simulation-style racer focused on the two-wheeled vehicles, all 37.73 miles of the course is reimagined for players to push themselves to the limits, mastering the track and staying ahead of the pack. Available February 1 - 29.

Fable Heroes is a hack-n-slash game from the Xbox 360 that has up to four players smashing and crashing through a charming puppet-show inspired version of Albion. If you don’t have enough friends together or online, the remainder is filled with AI players, so your team is always at full capacity. Drop-in and drop-out options allow you to keep the party going no matter who is available for however long you desire. Available February 1 - 15th.

Call of Cthulhu plunges you into a dark, mysterious RPG that will have you question your sanity and tickle your fancy for the cosmic creepiness guaranteed in Lovecraftian stories. The game is based on the classic table-top RPG by Chaosium, so prepare yourself to question everyone, and everything - including yourself. Available February 16 - March 15.

Star Wars Battlefront is the 2004 game that started so many players off on the massive battlefield shooter craze. Play as regular old ground troopers (it’s much more fun than it sounds) and push your opponents back in order to gain control of the galaxy, or jump into Galactic Conquest or Instant Action game modes to call in the help of one of four legendary Jedi Heroes. Available February 16 - 29.


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