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Gears Tactics Pre-Load On Xbox One!

Gears Tactics is finally making it's way onto Xbox One. The game was originally announced during the Xbox E3 2018 showcase, and was developed for Xbox One and PC, however was only released on PC platforms on April 28th of 2020. The Xbox One version was set to released at an undetermined future date, but we may soon be getting a release date.

Earlier today, excited fans noticed that Gears Tactics is now available to pre-load on both the Microsoft Store as well as the Xbox Store's game page via Xbox Game Pass. Right now there are only options to install the game or redeem a code. Fans who install the game are greeted with a message informing them that they are too early. It's theorized that reviewers and industry peers may be receive codes to be able to play the game early for review coverage soon, if they have not already.

Gears Tactics is highly anticipated, being the first spin off title from the main Gears of War franchise. Gears Tactics is a turn base strategy game similar to games such as XCOM. The combat is fitted to better work within the Gears universe, taking full advantage of it's characters, weapons, enemies, world, and so much more. A full review done by MCFixer can be found here on My Xbox And Me, as well as video coverage over on Youtube. For more updates on Gears Tactics on Xbox, be sure to stay on My Xbox And Me.


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