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Golf With Your Friends is coming to Xbox One!

Announced Via the ID@Xbox official twitter account, hit golf simulation game, Golf With Your Friends is coming to Xbox One in Q2 of 2020.

The game is developed by Team17, the studio that brought games such as The Escapist, Worms, and helped publish titles such as OverCooked. Golf With Your Friends is currently available on Steam Early Access, but is finally getting a console port later this year to accompany it’s official launch.

Golf With Your Friends is a mini golf game that allows players to play with up to 12 players, all taking turns simultaneously to try and get the ball into the hole. The game offers various modes such as Classic, Dunk, and Hockey; and even has various modifiers and customization to make the game continue to feel fresh.

On top of all that; the game also allows for level creation, giving players the freedom to create various courses and obstacles using a plethora of tools the game provides. Currently on Steam Early Access are dozens of amazing user created levels that only continue to grow and develop as time goes on. These same features will be coming to the console port of the game.

The game is set time release on consoles in Q2 of 2020, so expect more info and a review of the game close to launch.

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Feb 28, 2020

This is wonderful. I have been eyeing this game for awhile. A good minigolf game is always something to have in case of a party or hangout night to have fun.

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