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GTA:V is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Grand Theft Auto V is coming to Game Pass, and it is already on the platform as of writing! In an announcement tweet by the Official Xbox GamePass Twitter account, it was revealed that one of the biggest titles by RockStar Games in the last generation will be arriving to Xbox GamePass on consoles starting January 3rd 2020. GTA:V is one of the best selling games across all platforms, constantly appearing in the top ten best selling games every month as reported by NPD. As we reach the end of this current generation's life cycle, and possibly the end of sales for games on said consoles as we move toward next generation, we're seeing GTA:V be added onto the already incredible deal that is Xbox GamePass.

GTA:V Online is a juggernaut of a platform, getting constant updates nearly every month since the game's online launch late 2013. With multiple game modes, missions, heist, and crazy open world antics, GTA Online is one of the biggest online experiences one can jump into, and now those on Xbox One can jump into this new world simply by subscribing to Xbox GamePass. GTA:V comes jam packed with so much content in it's online component, most players seem to overlook it's single player campaign, which features three protagonist. This was a first in the series, and featured a mechanic that allowed players to swap between each of the characters at any given time; the catch here is, the characters existed in the world even without being controlled by the player. So, for example, if a character was playing as Michael dealing with the hardships of being a retired criminal and raising a family, the other two characters (Trevor and Franklin) still existed in the world doing various things. If a player decided to take control of either of the other characters, instead of picking up where they had left off, they will instead pick up where the character had decided to move to while not in control of the player. This leads to various wacky situations where players can resume as a character during a car chase or robbery and have to deal with the consequences of the actions decided by the AI. It was a fun revolution twist that made the game world feel alive and not stagnant. These characters all had lives beyond the player's interaction with them and that made progressing through the game's campaign fun.

GTA:V is a master class in game design and open world sandbox mechanics. With Game Pass being one of the most easily accessible and greatest deals in gaming, anyone with the ability to try and experience the game should absolutely give the game a try. Whether its the fully detailed sandbox world and story in the single player, or the crazy antics and possibilities in the multiplayer, the game has a little something for every type of gamer, and if you own or can own Game Pass, it's absolutely a game worth checking out. There is a reason this game is always on Top Ten selling charts month by month.


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