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Halo: Combat Evolved releases on PC today!

Starting in December, it was announced that all of the Halo games included in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be making their way into steam. Halo: Reach was the first title to release on steam as part of The Master Chief Collection back in December.

Today, Halo: Combat Evolved releases on Steam. The game is available via an individual download for $9.99 USD or as part of The Master Chief Collection for $39.99 USD. For players they can choose to buy the game on its own or as part of the collection, saving money on the later should they choose to continue buying games in the franchise.

Halo: Combat Evolved originally released on the original Xbox back on November 15th, 2001. Nearly 19 years later and the game is still being played today. Combat Evolved got a remaster on Xbox 260 back in 2011 to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary, which gave players updated graphics and textures. This Anniversary edition of the game also gave players a toggle that allowed them to switch between the game’s originally released graphics, and the modern updated ones at any point during the game. This technical marvel was highly praised and improved upon when the game was included in the Master Chief Collection as the transition is almost seamless and to see just how far Halo has gone in a moment was breathtaking to fans of the series.

Update: The game is also available for Xbox Game Pass on PC as well as part of the Master Chief Collection. The game is also standalone for $9.99 on Windows Storefronts.

We at My Xbox And Me will continue to follow The Master Chief’s Collection updates on Steam to report when more games in the Halo Series will be added to the service. So check back for updates and impressions!


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