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Halo Infinite Multiplayer to be Free-To-Play

Halo Infinite continues to make the news throughout the week as we get more information on it's various modes. Thanks to recent leaked press material posted on, we are getting news that Halo Infinite's Multiplayer modes will actually be a free-to-play experience. Below is the leaked material.


Although we do not have any confirmation on what exactly this means, it is being speculated that the online mode will also have it's own separate launcher, similar to Call of Duty's recent Warzone mode. Owners of Halo Infinite will be able to access the multiplayer suite through the game as normal, while everyone will have free access to the online component of the game.

The leak on Smythstoys also confirms that the online component of Halo Infinite will hit up to 120 FPS and feature greatly reduce load times on the Xbox Series X. Earlier today on a Halo Waypoint Q&A Session, it was stated, "To clarify, up to 4k 60fps is our target for our expansive campaign experience on Xbox Series X. As PC players expect, there will be plenty of settings that you can tweak to create the experience you want and we’ll have even more details on that in the coming months."

This hints that while the campaign is set to target a steady frame rate of at minimum 60FPS at 4K, the multiplayer aspect may actually have a higher frame rate on the Xbox Series X, which in a competitive scene can be crucial. For PC players, frame rates does not appear to be locked in anyway.

The Halo Waypoint Q&A also confirmed that while a beta was originally promised for Halo Infinite, due to the ongoing complications going on with COVID-19, this supposed beta might not make it's way to players. The statement reads, "At this time we’re honestly not sure what is going to be possible in terms of flighting but we still hope to have an opportunity for broader public hands-on before release."

The Halo Waypoint Q&A also confirms that Halo Infinite will not contain any microtransactions for it's multiplayer component of the game, as well as sport in depth customization options that will surpass what players have seen in Halo: Reach. Halo Infinite will also support LAN connections, and players of Halo 5 who reach SR 152 will receive a "token of appreciation in Halo Infinite". Halo Infinite is set to launch this fall, for more information on it and it's multiplayer, be sure to check out My Xbox And Me.


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