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Marvel's Avenger's Deluxe Edition Will Allow You To Play 72 Hours Early

We all knew Marvel Avengers would have a deluxe edition, and it's now live on the Xbox one Store and shows what we will be getting for our money!

The price is currently set at £74.99 and set to be released on 1st of September 2020!

The description reads as such:

Pre-Order to Receive

  • Beta Access .

  • Marvels Legacy Outfit pack for all 6 Avengers.

  • Unique nameplate.

The Deluxe Edition includes

  • Exclusive Obsidian Outfit pack for all 6 Avengers.

  • 6 Obsidian-themed nameplates.

  • 72-hours early access.

Embrace Your Powers

  • Progress through the campaign to rebuild your hero's roster their powers then continue to battle aim solo or online with your friends.

  • Unlock powerful skills and gear for Earth’s Mightiest Hero's to suit your playstyle.

  • Customize these iconic Heroes with classic, fan-favourite, and original outfits inspired by over 80 years of Marvel history.

Assemble Online

  • Using a reclaimed helicarrier as a base of Operations, launch Hero Missions (single-player or co-op) in hotspots around the globe.

  • Up to Four players assemble online to defend the Earth from escalating threats.

  • The Narrative will unfold on an ongoing basis with new Super Heroes and regions delivered at no additional cost.


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