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Microsoft Discontinues the Xbox One X and Xbox One S All Digital Consoles

With the release of the Xbox Series X looming ever closer, Microsoft is taking internal steps to fully prepare for the launch of the new console, including stopping the product of it's current generation consoles. Microsoft plans to stop production of two of the current SKUs in regards to the Xbox One consoles, the two being the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S All Digital.

The Xbox One X was released on November 7th of 2017 as an upgraded Xbox One. The idea was to not only match the performance of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, but to exceed it, becoming the most powerful console on the market. It was no secret that the Launch PlayStation 4 ran more effectively than the launch Xbox One, graphic comparisons showed the difference in power, and development on games became a bit of a challenge with the two different methods of optimization. This played a part in the Xbox One's lower performance compared to the PlayStation 4 in the beginning of the console generation.

The Xbox One X changed that, becoming the most power console on the market, surpassing even the PlayStation 4 Pro. This beef in power did come at a cost of $499.99 at launch, but has since seen price cuts.

The Xbox One S was released in August 2nd of 2016 as a replacement to Launch Xbox Ones. The S had better performance, a smaller form factor, and removed the power brick that the original launch Xbox One had.The launch of the S marked the discontinuation of the original launch models as seen in the above image. On April 16th 2019 a new version of the console was release to coincide with the S model, this would be named the Xbox One S All Digital Edition. The Xbox One S All Digital (Xbox One SAD) was the same as the One S, just without the disc drive. This was released as a cheaper alternative to the other two SKUS on the market.

With the original console already discontinued, and the announcement that the more powerful Xbox One X and least expensive Xbox One S All Digital Edition will also be discontinued, the only Xbox One on the market will be the Xbox One S during the launch period for the Xbox Series X.

With the rumors that the Xbox Seres S aka Xbox Lockhart being all but confirmed, there will be three different SKUs this Holiday Season. The Xbox Series X, which will be replacing the Xbox One X as the most powerful Console on the market, The Xbox Series S which will replace the Xbox One S All Digital as the cheaper alternative to the Series X, and the current Xbox One S, which may be even cheaper than the Series S.


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