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Microsoft officially announced Xbox Series S, launching at $299

One of the worst kept secrets in the industry finally got revealed in a surprise tweet announcement late Monday night. Microsoft‘s “Project Lockhart” has been rumored, teased, and leaked throughout the past two years as the less powerful alternative to their upcoming Xbox Series X console.

In recent leaks, coming from Microsoft themselves via packaging material found in Xbox Controllers, there are mentions of both the Xbox Series S and S models. As seen in the above image.

However the leaks don’t stop there, as twitter was flooded with images and videos of the brand new Xbox Series S console. The leak originated from user Brad Sams, who tweeted a video covering the console for his own personally YouTube Channel. Brad Sams is an Executive Editor for the BWW Media Group, a outlet focused on technology and news surrounding it.

With other outlets reporting and confirming the leaks via insider knowledge, the news spread through twitter and the internet like wildfire. The news eventually made its way to the Xbox Social Media tweet, who in response, tweeted the meme of a socket monkey being worried, as seen below.

An hour later, Microsoft responding by making the official announcement, as well as announcing the shocking price point of $299. Their officially statement can be seen below.

Microsoft promises more information on the Xbox Series S console in the future, but for know we have the official confirmation that the console is real, a first real look at the console’s sleek design, as well as the first official price point of the next console generation. The Xbox Series S was the last of the new wave of consoles to be officially announced, however it is the first of the new wave of consoles to get an official price point. No word on what the price point for the Xbox Series X will cost, but current rumors point toward a $499 price point.

For more on the Xbox Series S and Series X, be sure to check out My Xbox And Me.


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