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Microsoft pulls out of GDC 2020

GDC, or the Game Developers Conference, is a yearly expo taking place in the first quarter of the year. The idea is a centered hub for video game makers of all trades get together and share, connect, and create new innovations in the gaming industry. Some use GDC as an opportunity to get their portfolios out there, some use it as a recruitment opportunity, and others use it as a way to share the latest in gamin development. This year’s GDC has been having a slight issue though.

As reported by Kotaku, it was revealed today that Microsoft plans to pull it’s participation out of GDC this year as a result of the ongoing outbreak of Coronavirus. Microsoft is not the first company to pull out of GDC, as throughout the week we’ve seen announcements of various companies doing the same. Companies such as Facebook, Sony, EA, Kojima Productions, Unity, Epic Games, and more, have all cancelled their plans to attend GDC this year.

Microsoft announced they’ll be instead doing live stream versions of some of the panels that they had planned to do at GDC. These streams will cover its next-generation Xbox Series X hardware, Project xCloud streaming, and game development sessions from its various Xbox Game Studios teams. The streams are schedule to happen during GDC, which starts March 16th.

We at My Xbox And Me wish nothing but the best for all of those affected by the coronavirus in one way or another and while are sad to see companies pull their participation from various events; are happy that companies are putting the safety of their employees above all else. We’re excited to see what Microsoft and many others plan to share in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates as they happen.


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