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MXAM CEO MCFixer received an Xbox Series X! Everything you need to know!

Over the course of the past week, Microsoft has been shipping more Xbox Series X units to industry personal to allow them a chance to preview the console before launch. This morning, My Xbox And Me CEO, Correy Spearman (better known as MCFixer) has announced that he too has received an Xbox Series X through the wonderful people over at XboxUK.

The news comes way via a twitter thread in which multiple videos have been shared, featuring both MCFixer and the new Xbox Series X. A new video posted on the official My Xbox And Me YouTube Channel, which can be viewed below, gives people insight on receiving the package and the overwhelming amount of joy and anticipation felts by Correy throughout the process.

Not only was receiving the Series X an emotional moment for Correy, but it allows Correy to create content using the Series X and give his own impressions on the system ahead of the launch on November 10th. The first bit of Series X content is already live on Correy's personal channel. Below is an initial first impression of the system via an unboxing.

Correy has a unique taste when it comes to creating content, and with the Xbox Series X, there are even more possibilities. What other content creator would take the time to measure how tall the Xbox Series X is by using digestive biscuits? Or how tall the Xbox Series X is by using Standard Oreo Cookies? There is more content coming, more impressions on the console including UI and game experiences coming as embargo lifts, but for now be sure to keep checking the My Xbox And Me Twitter, YouTube, and Podcast feed for all things Xbox Series X.


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