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My Xbox And Me CEO appears on IGN's Podcast Unlocked

My Xbox And Me CEO, Correy Spearman (better known as MCFixer) appears on IGN's Xbox Podcast, Podcast Unlocked. Podcast Unlocked's host, Ryan McCaffrey, invited Corey to appear on the latest episode for the week of September 2nd. Episode 459 features Ryan and Corey, along with other IGN co-host Destin Legarie and Brandin Tyrrel.

On the episode, the crew discussed Joseph Staten and Pierre Hintze returning to to the Halo franchise taking on leading roles for the single player and multiplayer respectfully. On top of that the crew also discusses Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Wars Pricing scheme and the confusion surrounding it. The discussion doesn't end there, however to know what other topics were covered, one will have to listen to the episode for more.

The full episode can be listened to on all podcast services, as well as both on YouTube and IGN's website, as well as just above. The full team at My Xbox And Me are very proud to see Correy appear on IGN's content, and wish him nothing but the best for his ever growing career in games media.


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