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New Games Coming and Leaving Xbox Game Pass

We're officially into a new month, which brings us new exciting games coming to Xbox Game Pass, as well as the sad news of some games leaving the service. We're here to break down what's coming and going this month to Xbox Game Pass.

Darksiders: Genesis

Darksiders: Genesis is a spin off title of the mainline Darksider games. Genesis is a top down action adventure, similar to games such as Diablo or the recently released Minecraft Dungeons. The game is set before the events of the mainline series, giving players a chance to see what the world was like before the first game. Collect better gear, kill waves of demons, and explore unique areas in the Darksider universe like never before. Coming to Xbox Game Pass for consoles August 6th. Check out our review of the game here!

It Lurks Below

It Lurks Below is a retro-styled, 2D, action-oriented survival RPG. Plays get to customize their character and travel down randomly generated dungeons as you try to make your way to the bottom and discover what lurks below. Players get to choose from a few different classes, and find randomized items and gear as they travel their way down. It Lurks Below will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on both Consoles and PC on August 6th.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Man of Medan is the first game in "The Dark Pictures Anthology", a series of games created by Super Massive Games, the studio that brought critical horror hit, Until Dawn. This collections of games follow suit from Until Dawn, giving players control of actions and events in horror based stories. Man of Medan follows five friends who set sail on a holiday diving trip that goes horribly wrong. Players can experience the story solo, or with up to five friends thanks to the game's "movie night" mode. Man of Medan comes to Xbox Game Pass on console August 6th.


Trailmakers is a physics-based action game that allows players to build various vehicles from parts scattered throughout the world. The limit is your imagination, as pieces resemble lego bricks scattered everywhere in the huge sandbox world. You can play alone, or with friends online and build everything from cars, to helicopters, to hovercrafts, boats, trains, and more. Trailmakers comes to Xbox Game Pass for both Console and PC on August 6th.


Undermind is an action-adventure rogue like games where players travel down randomly generated underground passage ways. The game mixes dungeon crawling and RPG elements into the game, and allows players to start as a lowly peasant and upgrade to something more. That is of course, until the character dies and players have to try, try and try again. There are challenging bosses, helpful NPCs, and a wide array of upgrades to collect as you try to uncover the truth behind the undermine. Undermine comes to Xbox Game Pass for both Consoles and PC on August 6th.

Xeno Crisis

Xeno Crisis is a 16-bit retro top-down area shooter that takes pride in it's pixel art and soundtrack, which is to be highly respected. The game can be played solo or with a friend as you run and gun your way through seven intense and distinct levels. Players will get a wide assortment of weapons, ranging from machine guns, shot guns, grenades, and more. Xeno Crisis is coming to Xbox Game Pass on both Consoles and PC on August 6th.

Final Fantasy VII HD

The critically acclaimed RPG, Final Fantasy VII HD finally makes it's way to Xbox Platforms and will be coming to Xbox Game Pass. Players take on the role of Cloud Strife, and various unique characters as they challenge the world ruled by the evil Shinra Electric Power Company. This is the RPG that redefined gaming back when it originally released back in 1997 on the original PlayStation console. Fight to save the planet in this HD version of the game while we wait for the long await remaster to finally make it's way over. Final Fantasy VII HD will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on both Consoles and PC on August 13th.


Now the sad news of the games currently leaving the Xbox Game Pass service. All of these games will be leaving on August 14th, however Xbox Game Pass members will have a chance to purchase these games with an extra 20% discount until they leave on the 14th.

Devil May Cry 5 (Console)

Kingdom Come Deliverance (Console and PC)

Space Hulk: Tactics (PC)

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine (PC)

Yoku's Island Express (Console and PC)


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