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New Indiana Jones game in development by MachineGames

This morning, Bethesda shook the world with their most recent video game announced. MachineGames, a Swedish developer previously known for developing the Wolfenstein series, will be developing a brand new Indiana Jones title.

The game will be a collaboration with LucasfilmGames who currently own the license for the intellectual property. The game will be executive produced by Todd Howard, who is best known for his work on both the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series done by Bethesda Software. MachineGames, a subsidiary for Bethesda, released a teaser trailer for the announcement, which can be seen above.

There is currently little information on the game, other than it will be an original story. As MachineGames has previously worked exclusively on first person perspective games, it can be theorized that this Indiana Jones game could be a first person action adventure game as opposed to a speculated third person action adventure game in the likes of Uncharted. This could, however, be MachineGames' first step into different perspectives. From the teaser trailer, subtle hints can be seen as the camera pans over a set of books and pages with drawn maps, indicating that a mystery is going to solved, as is fashion for Indiana Jones.

It'll be some time before we get more information on the brand new Indiana Jones game. The phrases "Ancient Circles" and "Forbidden Stones" as seen on the books in the teaser trailer have already have fans of the IP clamoring for more, and it remains to be seen if this game will be exclusive to Xbox Platforms. For more on Indiana Jones and Bethesda Games, be sure to check back to My Xbox And Me.


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