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New Releases (January 19th-25th 2020)

We're getting to the end of the month, but there is no shortage of gaming coming onto the xbox platform, being a much bigger week than the previous, we have a whirl of different types of games all hitting the shop. With games ranging from new sport titles, to platformers, to shorter more chill experiences, this week in gaming is set to be a great one.

New Releases

Football Tactics & Glory (January 22, 2020) Developed by Raylights Games Srls and Published by Toplitz Productions for consoles (originally developed and published by Creoteam), Football Tactics & Glory is a turn based Strategy RPG about the sport of football. Players take on the role of a team owner in order to lead their team into glory. The game aims to appeal to every player base, whether its casual turn-based strategy or hardcore tycoon team management. It is key to note, the game is based on actual football, and not American football.

Foxyland 2 (January 22, 2020) - Developed by BUG-Studio and published by Crescent Moon Games, is an action platformer sequel to the original Foxyland. Featuring a semi-modern cartoony art style, the game lets players take over the role of “Lisonka Foxy”, as he faces off against a pair of brothers who kidnapped your children and is wrecking havoc on your land. Foxyland 2 also features local Co-Op and PVP modes.

The Office Quest (January 22, 2020) - Developed and published by 11Sheep, is a single player point and click adventure game with minor puzzle elements. The player embraces the role of an overworked office employee who can no longer take on the stress of working a boring office job, and wants to get out. Pick up your animal onesie and get ready to point and click your way through various scenarios and situations as players embark on the epic quest of leaving the office.

Lumini (January 22, 2020) - Developed by Speelbaars and published by 2AwesomeStudio, is a flow adventure game where players take control of a hive mind of fairy like creatures otherwise called Lumini. The player controls the swarm and directs it's movement to explore the land, solve puzzles, and evade danger. The game was designed to be relaxing, the world reflects that as players explore it to uncover the mystery behind it, as the Lumini have been absent for a couple hundred years and are finally making their return. Lumini is critically acclaimed on PC platformers and is a welcomed inclusion to the xbox lineup.

Mosaic (January 22, 2020) - Developed by Krillbite and published by Raw Fury, Mosaic is a eerie adventure games based on living an everyday life as another drone in an office space. The game is short and sweet, lasting at most 3 hours, but is still able to tell a captivating story. The game gives off a Limbo vibe, using a monochromatic color pallet and simplistic art direction, this adventure game is not to be overlooked.

Rugby 20 (January 23, 2020) - Developed by Eko Software and published by BigBen Interactive, Rugby 20 is the latest installment in the Rugby sport franchise, featuring updated roaster for the lead teams in the league. The game allows for single player, local and online co-op, along with a few updates to player team customizations. The game uses an updated engine that will allow for better physics and character modeling/rendering. The biggest and most anticipated update coming to Rugby 20 is the ability for players to change the team's tactics during a game, giving players more freedom and direct impact on how games and plays are made. This new update to the series has players looking forward to Rugby 20 after a lackluster previous entry.

Iconoclast (January 23, 2020) - Developed by Swedish-based Game Designer Joakim Sandberg and published by Bifrost Entertainment, Iconoclast is action platformer with puzzle elements. The game was in development beginning in early 2010, and remained in active development for eight years before finally releasing. Two years after it's initial launch, Iconoclast finally makes it's way onto the xbox platformer. Iconoclast has players take on the role of Robin, who must take on her late father's role of being a well known mechanic, as she uncovers truths of the sinister religious order that has control over the world and it's resources. Players must explore in this metroidvania inspired game and progress through levels and boss encounters to uncover the truth of what's really going on. Iconoclast is also an Xbox Play Any Where title, meaning you can play the game on Windows PC and migrate the save to Xbox.

Dreamball (January 24, 2020) - Developed by Rampage Game Studio and published by JanduSoft, Dreamball is a arcade sports game with ragdoll physics. The game is basically American Soccer, or Football in the rest of the world, however the characters are ragdoll like. It'll be like describing gang beast, but instead of trying to kill one another the goal is to get a ball into the opposing goal. It allows 2-4 local or online players, meaning it's a fun party game to play with friends.

New Games Coming to Game Pass

Gris (January 23, 2020) - Gris is coming to Xbox Gamepass PC, (not console), developed by Nomada Studios and published by Devolver Digital, Gris is an adventure platform with a beautiful art style. The game is critically acclaimed, winning various awards for it's art direction, story, soundtrack, and gameplay. Gris is a short adventure, but has impacted the industry on a much larger scale, being an indie darling during it's launch. The game is a work of art, and is very much welcomed to Xbox Game Pass on PC, and highly recommended for anyone to try once it lands on the platform on the 23rd.


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