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Project XCloud is finally coming to iOS… sorta

Announced this morning via a blogpost, Major Nelson (Director of Programming for Xbox Live) announced the xbox’s cloud based streaming service, project XCloud, will be making it’s way onto iOS. As to be expected though, there are a few caveats to the launch that users should take note of.

For starters, unlike the Project XCloud Beta on android devices, this launch is a “Limited iOS TestFlight Preview”, which is designed to work with Apple’s App Store policies. As such, the following criteria will be placed on the program:

-Available only in the US, UK, and Canada

-Only Project XCloud is available through this TestFlight, console streaming is not included.

-The only game in the TestFlight will be Halo: The Master Chief Collection

-Only ten thousand applicants will accepted through the program, going on a first come first serve bases.

-Members accepted in the program may be cycled out of the program to allow for more members to be accepted in, so users accepted in have to accept the fact they may not be in the program for the full duration of the program

Major Nelson goes into details on how to apply for the program on his blogpost, as well as the basic requirements needed, such as details on which version iOS device you need, controller, etc. To register, simply follow this link and fill out the application, once accepted, there are a few addition steps needed to be done which are also explained in the blogpost by Major Nelson.

All of this news comes the day after Samsung’s Unpacked 2020 event, which revealed a partnership with Microsoft between the new Galaxy S20 and XCloud streaming service. To read about that, click here. The news yesterday had fan, such as myself and other members of the My Xbox and Me Team, anticipating any news that the program will eventually come to iOS devices, but never did we think we would get an update the very next day.

Even though the program is far more limited than the beta launched on androids devices, which allow for console streaming as well as titles outside the Halo Master Chief Collection on XCloud, it is still very welcoming to see the program is finally making its way to iOS. Personally, I cannot wait to be able to play Halo: Reach on the go from just my phone and controller, but keep in mind acceptance is on a first come first serve bases. Should any of the members of the My Xbox And Me team be lucky enough to be accepted, expect a write up on how the TestFlight preforms on iOS and comparisons to the android beta.


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