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Rainbow Six Siege comes to Xbox Game Pass

This morning Microsoft and Xbox revealed that Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 22nd. Rainbow Six: Siege, commonly referred to as Siege, has been a continued success for Ubisoft in the past few years, starting as a live service game back when it launched early 2015.

Siege launched similarly to many other games as a service titles, with it's own internal struggles both in development and in the games space. Ubisoft's continued support of the game through monthly updates, content drops, and planned roadmaps not only saved the game post launch, but skyrocketed the game to new heights. The game continued to evolve and adapt to the surround games space, adopting season passes and various gameplay elements from competing games and implementing them into Siege.

Currently the game is in Year 5 of it's content drops, containing over 20 different maps to be played on between three different game modes, and a total of 57 operators to choose from for both attack and defense teams. The game boast a total of over 60 million players across all platforms, and is schedule to launch on box the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 systems this holiday.

The base edition of the game will be available to Xbox Game Pass Subscribers this month, and the next generation version of the game will also be made available to Xbox Game Pass Subscribers when it launches next month as well.

Game Pass Subscribers will also receive an extra 10% off in-game items, including the Year 5 Pass for new content coming in the future.


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