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Riders Republic delayed until later this year

Ubisoft announced this morning that their upcoming game, Riders Republic, will be delayed until sometime later this year. Originally set to release on February 25th, the game will now be pushed back even further to an unspecified date.

The announcement comes from a post by the Official Riders Republic Twitter account, stating the game's big ambition and the development team's desire to fulfill those ambitions as the leading factor attributing to the game's delay. The statement, which can be seen above, reiterates the scope of the game, which hopes to allow All-Out Mass Races with more than 50 other players.

The game was first revealed near the end of September during an Ubisoft Forward event, where the game came as a last minute surprise to Ubisoft fans. Riders Republic is set to be a vast Extreme Sports MMO-like game with an open world similar to other Ubisoft properties. The game world will be filled with other players, known as riders, and will allow multiple events, stunts, and actions to take place at the same time. The trailer, which can be seen above, gives players a first look at what they can expect to do in the game.

While we have no word on when we will be seeing the game next, it is important to note that with recent games such as Cyberpunk 2077, which had an abysmal launch on console platforms, developers are taking a bigger stance on delaying games until they are ready. With recent delays such as Hogwarts Legacy and the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion within the past week, along with ongoing COVID-19 pandemic related work issues, we can expect to see more games delayed throughout the year.

For more on Riders Republic and video game delays, be sure to check back at My Xbox And Me.


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