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Samsung Announces Partnership with Microsoft on the New Galaxy S20

Today, February 11th, Samsung held a unpacked event where they announced the brand new Galaxy S20 phone line along with other updates on other various Samsung products. To go along with the announcement of the Galaxy S20, Samsung announces multiple partnership deals with Google and Netflix for media, and Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios for gaming.

The CEO of Samsung, David Park, said on stage they were working with Microsoft on a “premium cloud-based game streaming experience”. This ties in Project XCloud, Microsoft’s Cloud Based streaming service currently in beta on android devices. As reported on CNET, a Microsoft spokesperson wrote, “We believe players around the world should have access to great, high-quality games on the device of their choice. Working with partners like Samsung is an important step in our Project xCloud journey and will help make game streaming more accessible for gamers. We look forward to sharing more later this year.

The parternership with Microsoft doesn’t end there, as Samsung is also working with Xbox Game Studios on bringing titles onto the Samsung platform. Also announced at the unpacked event, Forza Street will be making it’s way on to Galaxy devices later this year.

Forza Street was originally released on PC in 2018, however the game was titled Miami Street and wasn’t actually a Forza title. Miami Street was developed by Electric Square, and after working with Xbox Game Studios (who acted as publisher) was rebranded and relaunched as Forza Street in 2019 on Windows PC. The game is a Free to Play racing game centered around quick fun races. It features customizable vehicles, upgrades, expanding car roster, and various game modes.

Forza Street was announced to be coming to mobile platforms, but as if writing hasn’t happened quite yet. The announcement today however confirmed that Forza Street will be launching soon on mobile devices, with the Galaxy S20 being the first platform Microsoft plans to hit. Users can already pre-register for Forza Street on Google Play and other various mobile stores.


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