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Ubisoft Forward Recap

Ubisoft held their event this morning, otherwise known as Ubisoft Forward. The event was to showcase upcoming games coming to all platforms in the near future. Here is a quick rundown of all the games shown in order of appearance.

Watch Dogs Legion

The show kicked off with a cinematic trailer titled "Tipping Point" which follows an unnamed female operative of the so called resistance movement as she escapes capture from Albion Forces, a private security firm which now acts as the UK's Military police. She is assisted by a cab driver, who helped her escape and was then recruited to the cause. The cinematic trailer showcased drones that players can hope to mount and drive on top of.

After the cinematic trailer players got a look at actual gameplay, ranging from various menu screens to controlling various characters. As the game's main mechanic, anyone is recruitable. The look through showed off the wide range of characters that can be recruited, from elderly grannies, to British police, to construction workers, spies, and even Albion forces. Some characters are harder to recruit than others, but all are possible. Every character has their own designed backstory and abilities which can be used in a wide range of circumstances.

The segment ends with an October 29th 2020 release date.


We got to see an update for Ubisoft's smash-like fighting game, Brawlhalla. The game is coming to iOS and Android devices on August 6th. On top of that announcement, Ubisoft has confirmed that cross-play will be coming to the game on all platforms soon, meaning anyone on any platform can play with anyone else. The game is current Free-To-Play so anyone can try the game out.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad was the next game to be shown, only showing off a cinematic trailer of the game featuring characters from Rainbow Six Siege. The trailer showcase operators working together to try and break into a fortified building, taking out guards one at a time. The big pop of the trailer though was the legendary spy Sam Fisher enter the scene to assist the squad of Siege operatives. No Gameplay was shown, however we now have a release date of August 27th.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Building right off of the Elite Squad trailer, Ubisoft took a moment to thank and appreciate the player base for Rainbow Six Siege. The game to date has over 60 million players as they enter this upcoming season. Year 5 is set to be a big year for Rainbow Six Siege, with the game already planning to launch day and date with the Xbox Series X and PS5, including cross generation cross-play. Ubisoft has mention plans to add full cross-play support for the game, but as of now it cannot be confirmed.

Hyper Scape

This week Ubisoft launched the closed beta for their newest Battle Royale game, Hyper Space. The game is set in a futuristic setting where characters are competing in what is known as the Hyper Scape. There is currently not a lot know about the lore around the game, but for players it's a Battle Royale similar to Apex Legends in that there are 8 characters to choose from, but varies from it and other BR's in the way the game actually plays. One of the game's core features is it's Twitch Integration, in which if a streamer is playing the game, chat can vote on various things that will affect the game's world such as low gravity or the ability to triple jump for a limited time.

The look into the game ends with the announcement that the game is now in open beta, players can sign up for the open beta here

. Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassin's Creed Valhalla was the next game to be showcased in the event, starting off with a look at various scenes of the game and talking about vikings behaved during this time and era. The deep dive lead to the first real gameplay of the game fans have seen, and even showcased the female playable viking for the first time. Players got a look at exploring, along with combat mechanics. A multitude of weapons are available for the player to collect and use, all of which change the flow of combat. The Hidden Blade makes it's return, as well as more in depth stealth mechanics building on from the past recent games of the series Origins and Odyssey.

The entire 10 minute segment gives fans of the series much to be excited by, and by the end of it, came the announcement that the game will released on November 17th 2020.

Far Cry 6

The showcase was coming to an end, but Ubisoft had it's "one more thing" moment with the announcement of Far Cry 6. The game had leaked within the past week, so the community was anticipating this game to make an appearance. The trailer featured the main antagonist, Anton Castillo and his son Diego, who rule over a tropical paradise called Yara, which is the setting for the game. The trailer showed off a power dynamic between Anton and Diego, where Anton gave Diego a grenade, pulling the pin from it, and pressuring Diego to keep calm as the two walked the grenade onto a rooftop, only for Anton to pressure Diego to throw the grenade into a crowd of rebels below.

This is the first look at the game we've seen, no gameplay was shown, but the trailer ends with a February 18th 2021 release date. We can most likely expect to see more of the game within the coming months at other various digital events.

This concludes all the games shown at the Ubisoft Forward event.


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