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Ubisoft partners with LucasfilmGames to create a new Star Wars Game

This morning, publisher Ubisoft announced that they will be entering a partnering with LucasfilmGames to developed a brand new game within the Star Wars Franchise. Ubisoft will be trusting Massive Entertainment with the development of this new title. The title will be a brand-new story-driven adventure within a vast open world.

Massive Entertainment is best known for The Division and it's sequel, which is currently being supported by the studio with frequent updates and content drops in a season format. Massive Entertainment had previously announced in 2017 that they will be partnering with Lightstorm Entertainment and FoxNext Games to develop an Avatar game, based on the film directed by James Cameron. After the initial announcement, which can be viewed below, the studio went dark until February of 2020 where they reassured fans that the game is still in active development.

Massive initially had two separate teams; one working on The Division 2, and the other working on the untitled Avatar project. With the release of The Division 2 back in 2019, it appears this team will be set up to lead the development of the newly announced Star Wars game in partnership with LucasfilmGames.

This is the most recent partnership LucasfilmGames had announced, with yesterday's announcement of MachineGame's Indiana Jones title. On top of that, EA has reiterated this morning that they will be continuing developing Star Wars games in partner with LucasfilmGames. Originally, EA had a ten year licensing deal with Disney to exclusively develop Star Wars games. Today's announcement has opened the floodgates of possibilities now that order publishers and developers outside of EA are able to work on the franchise.

In the time of the deal, EA had published and released four different Star Wars titles, including Battlefront, Battlefront 2, Fallen Order, and Squadrons. EA had more in active development, including a rumored sequel to Fallen Order. EA will continue to develop games for the franchise, but now will not be the sole exclusive developer of Star War titles.

For more on Star Wars, LucasfilmGames, and video game partnerships, be sure to check back to My Xbox And Me.


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