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Xbox Controller leak confirms Xbox Series S

There have been multiple leaks of the new Xbox Controller designed for Xbox Series X, and now newly "confirmed" Xbox Series S.

One twitter user, Zak, found a controller out in the wild near the Chicago area, while another leaked controller has also been making the rounds online. A month ago we've seen a reddit user claim to own one of these controllers as well, and the design is exactly the same as the design we see here in the new leaks. The controller is "Robot White" and comes complete with the new controller features such as a new DPad, textured triggers, and share button. A quick comparison between this new controller and current controllers for the Xbox One line of consoles shows the vast similarities between the two.

The most interesting aspect of the controller leak is the included material with the control that confirms that the Xbox Series S is real. In the included instructional material is a list of devices this controller can be paired with, which include, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, and iOS. The Xbox Series S is the long rumored Lockhart, which is designed to be a less expensive, less powerful, alternative to the Xbox Series X.

We are expected to get more details on the Xbox Series X later this month, including price and release date. It's rumored that the event will also reveal the Xbox Series S, but Microsoft has been quiet on all details regarding Lockhart. We've seen it's inclusion in windows code, leaks documents confirming it, but now we have solid evidence that the Lockhart is real.

Above is more leaked images and comparisons of the controller, but for more things Xbox, be sure to check back at My Xbox And Me.


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