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Xbox Event Confirmed July 23rd

After week of speculation and rumors, Microsoft and Xbox have officially announced that the Xbox Games Showcase event will be set for July 23rd at 9AM PT. The Showcase will be streamed on, twitter, facebook, youtube, and twitch channels.

This news goes along with the announcements last week in regards to Summer Game Fest. Starting on Tuesday July 21st and going through to Monday July 27th there will be a host of early game demos being hosted on the Xbox Game Store on both Xbox and Windows PCs.

This is a result of the E3 cancellation as well as other industry events such as PAX, Gamescom, and others of that ilk. The Summer Game Fest Demo week will be the developers chance to get their games in the hands of the players, these hands on demos that would normally be exclusive to in person events can now be downloaded and played at home.

These Demos are however temporary, only lasting throughout the week before being taken down. The incentive here is to get as many people playing as many of the games as possible. Microsoft already announced a few games that will be features, including Cris Tales, Destroy All Humans!, Haven, Hellpoint, Skatebird, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown, Raji: An Ancient Epic, and Welcome to Elk. Images of the games can be seen in the slideshow below in order.

Those were just the first of the games to be announced under the Game Fest Demo week, as Microsoft has promised that closer to the 21st we will get a full list of games to be shown, ranging between 75-100 different titles.

Now that we have confirmation that the Xbox Games Showcase will take place on the 23rd, which is right in the middle of the Game Fest Demo week, we can speculate that certain games that will be present in the Xbox Game Showcase will be playable for a limited time during the Demo Week. As of writing the only confirmed games to appear in the showcase will be Halo Infinite, but it's easy to speculate that a number of first party studios will showcase their upcoming games. Hellblade 2, Forza, and Grounded for example are safe bets. My Xbox And Me will be doing a lot of coverage for the event, so be sure to keep an eye out for Predictions episodes and more.


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