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Xbox Games Showcase 2020 Rundown

343 Industries started the show with Halo Infinite, we got a first look at the campaign with the newest trailer. We see Master Chief, John 117, get off a UNSC Pelican to enter a seemingly open-world environment. We seem to be on Zeta Halo, the ring from Halo Wars 2 made to replace Installation 04 from the original Halo Combat Evolve. We see a UNSC Warthog, how it drives, and then full on combat between Master Chief and Convenient/Banished forces. We see a variety of different weapons used, and a new grappling hook mechanic used to either scale large areas, or as seen in the trailer can be used to grapple Master Chief to enemies, bring him in close for a melee assault.

The next game shown off was State of Decay 3, developed by Undead Labs coming to Xbox One/Xbox Series X in the near future. There is little information on the game at the moment, no release window at all. All we really got was a cinematic trailer seen above.

Turn 10 is working hard on the development on their next game Forza Motorsport. The series is dropping the numbering as this would have been Forza Motorsport 8, hinting at a possible Games as a service model for the series. Nothing is confirmed on that front, but Turn 10 software architect Chris Tector and Xbox director of program management Jason Ronald were able to confirm that Forza Motorsport will run at 4K/60 FPS. There is no confirmed release date or window.

The next game of the showcase is Rare's newest title, Everwild. A brand new IP designed for the Xbox Series X. The game will be a third person action game as indicated by the trailers of the game, and the narrative seems to hint toward characters using magic with a root in nature. Though little is really known about the overall story or what exactly Everwild will turn out to be. The game has no release date or window.

Dontnod Entertainment revealed a brand new trailer for their episodic game, Tell Me Why. The game is a three part Narrative Adventure game centered around twin siblings Alyson and Tyler as they venture to their childhood home in Alaska to overcome events from their past. Tyler in particular faces inner turmoil as he has transitioned to male since leaving his childhood home, being the first transgender playable character from any major studio according to Dontnod. Chapter 1 will release on August 27th 2020, Chapter 2 will release September 3rd 2020 and Chapter 3 will release September 10th 2020.

Moon Studios came next to reveal that Ori and The Will of the Wisps will be coming to Xbox Series X, on top of that, the game will support 120 Frames Per Second, higher graphical fidelity thanks to the power of Xbox Series X, and used new and improved audio techniques to better immerse players into the world of Ori. The game will also be support Smart Delivery.

Private Division took the stage next as they showed off the first look at The Outer Worlds first story expansion Peril on Gorgon. The expansion takes place on a brand new world for players to explore, feature a plethora of new characters, weapons, creatures, and enemy types, as well as add new mainline story missions, side quest, and more. This will be the first of two planned DLC packs for the game, and will release on September 9th 2020.

With Private Division leading the charge for Outer World DLC, Obsidian Entertainment is more free to work on their next game, which they were able to showcase here. Grounded is their next game, and we received a brand new trailer for the game that really sets the tone for what players can expect for the game. It's comedic, poking fun at itself and establishing that light hearted tone. The game can be played single player or with up to three friends, and is a survival game set in the backyard where players control children who have been shrunk down by unknown means. The game will release on July 28th and will be on Xbox Game Pass.

Grounded was not the only game Obsidian showcased, as they revealed their next game will be a big action RPG for which the studio is known for. A brand new IP, Avowed which will be a first person Action RPG similar to Skyrim in that it has a fantasy theme and the player character is shown wielding both a sword and magic abilities. Not much is known other than that, as the game has no release window but will be exclusive to Xbox Series X and Windows 10 PC.

Interior Night is a brand new Game Studio based out in London, UK headed by Caroline Marchal, former lead game designer for Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. They revealed their first game titled "As Dusk Falls" which followed a French Family as they travel through the American South West. The game is deemed an interactive drama, and features a unique art style which can be seen in the trailer for the game. There is no release window for the game, but will be coming to Xbox Series X and Windows PC.

Taking a slight break from game announcements, Ninja Theory came on to talk briefly on the development for their upcoming game, Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2. The game has no release window, but the team talked about the game taking place in Iceland, and informed viewers that there will be new development diaries on their YouTube channel. Small note: Congratulations to the first game for surpassing 3.5 Million players.

Double Fine Studios is celebrating 20 years, and have brought in Music Legend, Acting Icon, Burrito Eating, Game Streaming, Eccentric Personality Jack Black on to preform the music to be found in Psychonauts 2. We get a first look at the brand new game completely with gameplay and cutscenes. We see a few bizarre new abilities and tools that players can hope to find in their journey through the mind, and the bright color, kaleidoscope-esce art direction this trailer showcase has given fans something to look forward too. Unfortunately, the game will not released in it's previously reported 2020 window and will instead release in 2021. The game will support Smart Delivery.

Microsoft announced a partnership with Bungie, a studio in which they have had history with as Bungie was the previous developers for the Halo Franchise. This new partnership will being Destiny 2 to Xbox Game Pass, complete with every expansion pack on September 9th. Not only that, but we got a trailer for their upcoming expansion, Beyond Light, which releases on November 10th. This new trailer showcases new areas, gear, weapons, and more. This expansion will also be included free to Xbox Game Pass Members when it launches. Destiny 2 will also support Smart Delivery for the Xbox Series X version of the game.

GSC Game World showed off their newest game, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, which will be a console launch exclusive. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is an abbreviation for Scavengers, Trespassers, Adventurers, Loners, Killers, Explorers, and Robbers. The game is a first person survival horror game taking place in an area surrounding the Chernobyl disaster site in an alternate reality where a second explosion went off after the first causing strange phenomenas to happen in the area referred to as, "The Zone". S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 was originally announced in August 2010, but has been cancelled in 2012 before being revived in early 2018. This is the first look fans have of the game in years and sets a dark eerie tone for sequel. No release window was given

Fatshark made an appearance with their new game Warhammer 40,000 Darktide, a brand new game and the third game set in the Warhammer universe. This is a standalone game, not to be confused with a DLC Expansion. Like the previous game, Darktide will be a four-player Co-Op FPS set in Warhammer's 401st century. Players take control of Inquisitorial Acolytes as they enter what was meant to be a hive city filled with a densely populated human society, however encounter what appears to be cult members. It's up for the player team to investigate the going ons of the city and report back their findings. Warhammer 40,000 Darktide will be a console launch exclusive set for 2021.

Enhance Studios brings Tetris Effect Connected, a brand new expansion for the previously released Tetris Effect Game. This expansion ads new music, levels, modes, and more importantly, a new multiplayer mode for which the expansion gets it's name from. This version of Tetris Effect will be a Console Launch Exclusive for Xbox Series X and PC, and will remain so until summer of 2021. Tetris Effect Connected will be on Xbox Game Pass and Support Xbox Smart Delivery, and will release this fall.

Image & Form Games, creators of the popular Steamworld games, announced their newest game titled, The Gunk. The Gunk will be a console launch exclusive coming sometime in 2021. Not much is known outside the trailer where we can see the charming protagonist on a mysterious planet who faces off against mysteries wildlife, as they try to clean up a goo like material referred to as "the gunk" while trying to solve puzzles to uncover what exactly is going on.

Bloober Team makes a return to the Xbox stage with their game, The Medium. This new story trailer shows off protagonist Marianne, who is a medium that can travel between our reality and the spirit realm. The Medium is a third person psychological horror game that takes inspiration from games such as Silent Hills. The new trailer showcase the game's most critically acclaimed feature of Simultaneously Dual Rending both worlds for seamless transitions. The game will support Xbox Game Pass and will be a console launch exclusive to the Xbox Series X and Windows PC. The game will not be playable on Xbox One platforms.

SEGA did a world premiere for their newest title, Phantasy Star Online 2 Neo Genesis. Promotional material for the game suggest that this is a standalone title and not an expansion to the current Phantasy Star Online 2 game currently on Xbox, though details are scarce so it cannot be confirmed one way or another. From the trailer we can see that the game's UI (user interface) seems to have gotten a complete overhaul with changes across the board, as well as higher graphical fidelity and performance. These improvements to the game suggest to fans of the title that it is either an expansion that will completely change the current MMO for the better, or a new title altogether. The game will release in 2021, so once more information is know, we will clarify it here on My Xbox And Me.

Cross Fire X makes an appearance during the showcase. The multiplayer suite is developed by Smilegate Entertainment, which recently had an open BETA on xbox platforms this past month. This trailer however, was not focusing on Smilegate's multiplayer but instead on Remedy Entertainment's Single Player campaign for Cross Fire X. The game itself is a console launch exclusive, being a first person shooter set in a futuristic world. The campaign is referred to as, "Operation Frost" and will be a three episode experience developed by Remedy Entertainment following the rivalry between Global Risk and Black List mercenary factions. The game's first campaign is set to release in 2020 and will support Smart Delivery for Xbox Series X.

The show case ended with the announcement that Playground Game's rumored RPG titled is confirmed to be a Fable reboot. The announcement trailer gave us no info on what the game will be, however the beautiful art direction seen in the trailer gives fans something hopeful as previous Fable games haven't always been graphically impressive. No release window was announced, but the game will be on Xbox Game Pass when it does launch.

All together with everything shown in the showcase there were 10 world premieres and 22 console launch exclusive games; 8 of which were brand new IPs. On top of that Game Pass members members can play all these first party and third party partner games when they launch on Xbox Game Pass.

That wraps up everything we saw during the Xbox Games Showcase, we expect another event next month although that has yet to be confirmed. There is much more information needed for the next generation console releases, such as prices, dates, features, and more, and all will hopefully be revealed soon. For all that information, be sure to check out My Xbox And me.


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