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Xbox News at CES 2020

Today will be the start of the Consumer Electronic Show, otherwise referred to as CES, for 2020. The show takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the duration of the week, and has been a staple in the computer electronics industry as a whole since its initial start back in 1967. Lots of various products will be announced during the show, ranging from new smart TVs, computer parts, cell phone concepts, cars, sex toys, household appliances, and so much more. 

What we are interested in today though, in regards to Xbox, would be the AMD Press Conference, which premieres today at 2PM PT/10PM GT. We already know bigs names such as Matthew Kellselring (Sr. Hardware Programmer for Xbox) and David Prien (Sr. Director of Hardware at Xbox responsible for both Elite Controllers and head of Scarlett’s development) will be in attendance at CES. On top of that, there have been recent leaks of possible AMD hardware which appears to be the GPU and CPU units for both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Eurogamer first reported on these leaks and go into extensive detail on the specifics of each device, which we recommend you should check out, but the take away we can gather from those details is that the power in the next-generation Xbox is insane. Based on speculations that can be gathered from the chip data, we would be looking at a processor of 56 active compute units which gives a shader count of over 3500, with 12 teraflops of processing power. A lot of that goes over the heads of most gamers, myself included, but the take away there is the Xbox Series X console is going to have more power in it than most top of the line PCs on the market.

So the question now becomes, how expensive will this console end up being? Are these leaks true? Will the Xbox really be as powerful as the marketing and leaks set it out to be? Because we have heads of Xbox teams attending the show, we already know we will be getting some info on the next-gen console, it just remains to see what specifically we will see. Are these new GPU and CPU chips really going to be in the console, or would we see something slightly different? Only a few hours remain before some of the questions we have to get announced, so keep an eye out for the AMD Conference later today. 


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