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Xbox Series X Pre-Orders May Be Coming Soon!

Australian retailer Telstra updated their website today in regards to the Xbox Series X, adding information on the it's inclusion in the Xbox All Access Program.

The Xbox All Access Program is a global initiative that allows customers to obtain an Xbox Console, Xbox Live, and Xbox Game Pass upfront for a monthly fee for 24 months, with no additional upfront fees. The plans start as low as $19.99/£19.99 for an Xbox One S All Digital with Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass with various upgrade options that can increase the price.

At the moment the plans allow for Xbox One S All Digital, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X, but with Microsoft discontinuing the Xbox One S All Digital and Xbox One X variants, those console options will be removed shortly. The information found on the Telstra website indicates that the Xbox Series X will be added as a option for the Xbox All Access Program, and gives customers a option to register for their interest to get notifications on when they can pre-order the new console.

The information on the Telstra website hints that Pre-Orders will be taking place "soon", and with rumors of the August event showcasing the Xbox Series X Console, retailers are most likely already in the process of updating their websites on the backend to have pre-order pages ready for when the consoles go live. As of writing Amazon already has pages up for both next generation consoles as well, and more sites are likely to follow suit. The price and release date for the Xbox Series X will most likely be revealed during the August event, so Telstra claim is not inaccurate. We'll have to wait and see just how soon "soon" is. For more information on Xbox Series X Pre-Orders, be sure to check out My Xbox And Me.


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