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Xbox Series X|S Controllers get a new color

Today Microsoft and Xbox revealed the brand new Pulse Red Xbox Series Controller. The Controller, which can be seen above, showcases the new controller design featuring a sports red color dynamic. Currently on the Market, Microsoft has three different color variants for the Series controllers; Carbon Black, Robot White, and Shock Blue.

Similar to the Shock Blue controller, the Pulse Red controller has a white underline and back case. Rather than featuring colored ABXY buttons, all the buttons will be black with red lettering, with a small icon in the center of the buttons to indicate their previous color alignments. The controller shares all the same features as the previous series controllers, and will include a free 14 day trial to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The controller launches on February 9th in most Xbox markets, but will release tomorrow, January 12th in China. No reason has been given to why the Chinese Market is receiving the controllers early, however it is believed because the controllers are manufactured in China, that distribution can be done sooner, hence the immediate release after the announcement. The controller will priced at $64.99, and be compatible with any Xbox service or platform.

For more on controllers, be sure to check back to My Xbox And Me.


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