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Xbox Store Getting a Fresh New Update for Xbox Insiders August 5th

The Xbox Store is getting a completely overhaul and it is happening soon! Microsoft and Xox have revealed an update to the Xbox UI's storefront after feedback they've received throughout the generation. Since the original launch back in November of 2013, the Xbox One's UI (User Interface) has gone through several iterations, making changes to every aspect of the UI. On August 5th, members of the Xbox Insider Program will be the first to beta test a new change coming to the xbox's storefront.

Above you'll see the new main screen for the store page, however a fresh coat of paint isn't the only thing this revision brings to the Xbox community. Microsoft has worked on the backend of the storefront to make it run faster, much faster than the storefront's current speed, launching in under two seconds and boost in overall performance and load speeds on pages.

One improved aspect of the storefront is it's new improved searched functionality. Games, movies, and apps will be easier to search for and displayed in a new easy to understand manner. Pricing, special offers, and Game Pass information are all prominently displayed, and filter options make it easy to sort between games and DLC.

One of the bigger criticisms the Xbox Store has had in recent months is that the storefront does not make it easier for consumers to understand what they're buying, or the options they have when purchasing something. Microsoft aims to change that with this new revision, as seen above. Games included in Game Pass will prominently display GamePass information and display multiple purchasing options up front.

On top of that, with new safer tools in place for children in mind, parents will be able to see a game's rating displayed from the moment they click on a game, and every page afterward until purchase. Parents can even use parental features to hide or block trailers and screenshots that contain explicit material as to not display on children accounts.

Below is an excerpt from the Xbox Wire's announcement post detailing some of the new core changes in regards to ease of use.

  • With the redesigned search functionality, it’s easier to filter your results.

  • Guided by your feedback, we rebuilt the Wish List. You can now easily add new games to your Wish List and quickly check your list content (including keeping tabs on any sale pricing for your Wish List items).

  • The updated shopping cart makes it easier to add items to your cart as well as view the items in your cart before and during purchase.

  • We’ve also made it easier than ever to shop across four generations of great Xbox content by enabling customers to view pricing while browsing for new Xbox One games and backward compatible Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles, as well as add these games to your Wish List or shopping cart.

The update will launch on August 5th for Xbox Insiders, and later this year for all Xbox Users. For more on the latest updates coming to xbox, be sure to keep checking out My Xbox And Me.


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