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XCloud Launches September 15th on Android Devices

Project XCloud is finally leaving it’s beta phase this September Microsoft announces this morning. On September 15th, XCloud will officially launch on Android devices.

XCloud is Microsoft’s answer to the streaming platform future the industry is slowly leaning toward in recent years. XCloud will allow users to stream any game they own in the Xbox ecosystem onto another platform that has support for XCloud. As of writing, XCloud is currently in beta on android phone and tablets, as well as iOS phone and tablets. Users on Android devices have a library of different games they can choose from in order to test the feature, whereas users on iOS devices are limited to playing just Halo: The Master Chief Collection due to Apple’s restrictions.

In September however the beta period for Android devices will come to an end, and the full service will launch. The current library of free test games will be replaced with the user’s own personal library of games. Users who play on iOS however will have to wait a little longer before the service launches on iOS devices.

XCloud will also be apart of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions, meaning all games on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service can be streamed on launch day thanks to the two services being put into a single package. This will give players a library of 100+ unique games to go along with their existing library of games.

To go along with the announcement, various third party companies are building peripherals to go along with XCloud, such as the Razer Kishi device designed to turn mobile devices into game pads similar in design to the nintendo switch, with officially branded Xbox Buttons and layouts.

We are expected to get even more XCloud news later in the week with the current tease of Samsung’s event showcasing their Galaxy S20, which was previously covered here. But that will have to wait for now. For more things XCloud, Xbox Game Pass, and more, be sure to keep checking out My Xbox And Me


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